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Procrastinating Creativity Unpacking My Thoughts: Chaos in My Brain

Hello! It's been a little while...okay alot-awhile sense I have posted a blog post! 😅 Thank you so much to everyone who has signed up for the monthly newsletter! I really hope that you have been enjoying the content that I am sharing there.

Hey there! Today's blog is all about the chaotic mess in my brain. Do you ever feel so overwhelmed by all the things you want to do that you just freeze and get nothing done? Yep, that’s me right now.

So, what’s bouncing around in my head? Glad you asked! Let’s break it down, and I’d LOVE ♥️ your feedback on where I should channel my creative energy.

YouTube Channel

Consistency? What’s that? My YouTube posting has been all over the place lately, and my stats are feeling it. I mean, who doesn't love seeing those red down arrows instead of green up ones?

Why the inconsistency? Well, the end of the school year is a circus, my toddlers are rebelling against nap time (which is my filming time), and my idea well is running dry. My Cozies for Beginners videos are a hit, but I can't just spam those.

I do have a super exciting video idea, but finding the time to film it? Ha, good one.

Short Form Content

Believe it or not, making reels and TikToks takes more time than my chatty YouTube vids. 😂 I’m thinking of making my TikToks/Reels more off-the-cuff—just chatting about what I’m reading and doing, less polished than YouTube. What do you think?


Writing Goals

So, with Death on Deck dropping on September 30th, I’m drowning in publicity stuff. Send help (or coffee).

I’m stuck between two books. Literary Stitches is ready for more layers, and I’ve got a few chapters done. But then there's book two in the Cruising Crew series, which is barely outlined.

Literary Stitches needs beta readers, tweaks, and the dreaded querying process.

As for book two in the Cruising Crew series? I’ve got to write it, layer it, find beta readers, tweak it, and then pray my publisher likes it. No pressure, right?

It’s all super overwhelming, but hey, I’m lucky to have these problems. Doesn’t stop me from freaking out, though.


Book Club

The book club is my absolute fave! Big thanks to everyone for rolling with the time changes to accommodate my boys’ ever-changing bedtime drama.

I feel like I’ve dropped the ball on the book club tiers. Only 1-10 people fill out book recommendations each month, and I want to make sure it's something you all love and find valuable.

Currently, we have three tiers: $1 for bookmarks, $3 for mystery recommendations, and $5 for seasonal picks. Is there something you’d like added or removed? I’m often behind on recommendations, and I don’t want anyone feeling shortchanged.

I’m also toying with the idea of having guest co-hosts monthly or bi-monthly. They could help with comments, banter, and idea-bouncing. What do you think?

I know this is a lot, but I want to do my best for you all.



What do you all love to see on a creator or author's website? What brings you here? Right now, my site is mainly for newsletter sign-ups and giving you a glimpse of my quirky self.

I've heard people like consistent blogs, but I’m not a big blog reader myself. So, I'm kind of stuck on what to do here. Would anyone like to be a guest blogger on my site?



Alright, let's talk newsletters! I'm on a quest to grow mine, and I’m a huge fan of author and mystery newsletters that dish out book recommendations with links and dive into quirky topics. Do you dig that vibe, too? How about getting those juicy updates monthly?

In conclusion...

I feel as though I've let you all down or myself down with the lack of content or creativity I've been producing lately. I'd really love your honest feedback in the comments of the post. Or feel free to use the Contact Me part of the site and email me! I truly love hearing from all of you!

Warmest hugs!


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