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Summer Sleuthing: 7 Cozy Mysteries to Beat the Heat!

Hello there! Writing from my office reading chair while trying to find some peace and quiet after putting the boys down for their naps. As they get older, their naps become shorter and shorter. I have no idea what I'm going to do once they no longer need naps. Any suggestions? 😅😂

This morning we packed up the family and went to our town's Rooster Day Parade. It was so much fun! See some of the images below. You can bet that it will be added to a future cozy mystery!

Even though it was 10 o'clock in the morning, whew was it HOT 🥵! The high today is 87 degrees! Ew! Since it is feeling so much like summer, I thought I'd share some cozies that I dream of reading, in a hammock, with an iced coffee, and 15 minutes of alone time. 😜

   - A foot in the oven

   - Clambakes

   - Family business

   - Murderous, Steamy, Suspenseful

Founder’s Day in Busman’s Harbor, Maine is all about clambakes and summer fun, but things get steamy when Julia Snowden finds a foot sticking out of the oven! The townsfolk are quick to point fingers at Cabe Stone, the new guy at the Snowden Family Clambake Company, who vanished after the body was discovered. Julia dives into the mystery with her family’s business at stake, but the killer is cooking up a plan to stop her. Will Julia crack the case, or will her investigation be a recipe for disaster?

   - Body in lake

   - Catskills resort

   - Red Scare

   - Suspenseful, Charming, Intriguing

It's the summer of 1953 at Haggerman's Catskills Resort, where Elizabeth Grady's summer fun turns deadly serious after a guest is found murdered. With a suspicious copy of The Communist Manifesto in his cabin, the local police chief cries, "Russian spy!" but Elizabeth isn't buying it. To save her mother’s business, she must dodge red herrings, withstand the Red Scare, and catch the killer red-handed.

   - Dead fan club president

   - Charming B&B

   - Time-traveling pirate

   - Quaint, Mysterious, Engaging

Beaufort, North Carolina, is buzzing with excitement as Chapters Bed and Breakfast hosts a famous romantic fantasy author. But the cozy weekend takes a dark turn when the president of the author’s fan club is found dead by the docks. Former schoolteacher and B&B owner Charlotte Reed, along with her neighbor Ellen and a clever Yorkshire terrier, must solve the mystery to save the beloved book series and its creator from a fatal ending.

   - Bastille Day bash

   - Defarge sisters

   - Rock band Guillotine

   - Quirky, Entertaining, Suspenseful

Put-in-Bay on Lake Erie is buzzing as Bea Cartwright’s B&B fills up for the Bastille Day festivities. The League of Literary Ladies is reading A Tale of Two Cities, and the local knitting shop’s elderly twins, Margaret and Alice—nicknamed the Defarge sisters—add a Dickensian touch. But when the rock band Guillotine's performance is cut short by murder, the Literary Ladies must untangle secrets and stop a killer. Keeping their heads is essential as they face a reign of terror on this summer holiday!

   - Baking contest

   - Corpse in coconut cream pie

   - Embossed rolling pin

   - Delicious, Intriguing, Engrossing

August in Lake Potawatomi means one thing: the annual baking contest turns deadly when the head judge is found face-first in a coconut cream pie. Baker-turned-mystery writer Teddie St. John’s embossed rolling pin is the murder weapon, but she's not one to crumble under pressure. With friends by her side, she'll cook up a plan to clear her name before the real killer turns her life into a recipe for disaster.

   - Tight-knit island community

   - Mysterious death of a lobsterman

   - Newly discovered sisters

   - Atmospheric, Riveting, Family-focused

Maine’s Quarry Island hides more than just lobster traps beneath its serene surface. Anna Winslow’s life takes a sharp turn when she discovers a younger sister, Izzie, and her brother Carl’s boat is found empty, leading to a grim discovery later. As the sisters delve into secrets both island-wide and personal, they must navigate deadly waters to uncover the truth and untangle the mysteries of their intertwined lives.

   - Murder at a wedding

   - Arsenic-laced milkshake

   - Bakeshop sleuths

   - Sweet, Intricate, Deliciously Mysterious

Eastport's sweetest bakeshop, The Chocolate Moose, turns sour when a wedding celebration turns deadly with a poisoned milkshake. Jake and Ellie, the bakeshop duo, must whip up a recipe for justice to clear their friends' names and save their shop. With a dash of sleuthing and a sprinkle of sweetness, they'll serve up the truth before the killer escapes. Plus, there's an irresistible recipe to sweeten the mystery!

I really hope you enjoyed the video today and this follow-up blog post for Summer Sleuthing: 7 Cozy Mysteries to Beat the Heat! Let me know if this is something that you'd like to see more of, a companion blog to the videos that I make.

Until next time, Keep Reading!


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