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2023 Cozy Escape Awards

Hey there, fellow bookworms and cozy mystery enthusiasts! Hold onto your teacups because I've got a delightful tale to share with you. 📚☕

So, this year, I had the absolute JOY of meeting Spencer and TJ in the charming town of Ashland! It was like stepping into the pages of a cozy mystery novel, I tell you. Meeting friends you've known online for years in person? It's like discovering a hidden library filled with all your favorite books.

And just a while back, TJ reached out to me about something near and dear to our cozy-loving hearts—the Cozy Escape Awards! Remember that fabulous event I hosted a couple of years ago? Well, TJ had a brilliant idea: let's do it again!

So, picture this: all of us cozy mystery booktubers coming together to create the ULTIMATE yearly Cozy Escape Awards. 🏆 We've got 15 cozy themes, each with a favorite book to represent it. Your job? Grab your popcorn, cozy blanket, and curl up with our videos, then cast your vote here on Patreon for the coziest of cozy mysteries!

Now, I know what you're thinking. There are so many more cozy mystery subgenres out there that we haven't touched on, but we didn't want to overload your feeds! We're all about spreading the love for cozy reading, not overwhelming you with choices. 🤣

Check out the schedule for our video releases, and be sure to subscribe to TJ and Spencer so you never miss out on a single dose of bookish coziness to brighten your day. 📖🌟 Make sure to follow both of these fantastic ladies!

Get ready to embark on a cozy adventure with us, where mystery and warmth collide in a whirlwind of bookish delight. Let's celebrate the magic of coziness together! 📚❤️✨

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