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Whodunit and What's Next: An Update on My Cozy Mystery Writing Journey

So, the first book in The Cruising Crew series, "Death on Deck," is out in the world, and my beta readers are currently sinking their teeth into it. I'm officially finished writing my cozy mystery! This part of the writing process is like sending your little paper baby out into the wild and crossing your fingers that it'll be treated well. And, of course, I want all the feedback I can get to make it the best story ever!

"Death on Deck" is all about Lisa-May and her group of retired pals taking a luxe cruise. But when a smug passenger gets strangled by a towel animal, these gals have to ride the waves of a murder investigation. With their bond stronger than any anchor, these fearless ladies will do whatever it takes to protect each other, even if it means facing a killer on the high seas. It's a rollicking ride with sass, adventure, and mystery-solving!

I've given my readers 4-6 weeks to give me their feedback, which also gives me a chance to distance myself from the story and characters. That way, I can take the feedback as objectively as possible. While waiting for their response, I've been working on a new story that's been itching to come out since June 2022. These characters have been begging me to write their story, so here we go again!

Let me introduce you to 29-year-old Adelaide Doyle, who had everything she ever wanted until her greatest rival stole her newest manuscript, and her fiancé & agent left her for the thief.

Devastated and heartbroken, Addie seeks refuge in her hometown, thinking she can escape the cutthroat publishing industry. But, as fate would have it, trouble soon catches up with her, threatening to unravel her dark past and destroy her newfound peace.

I've finally finished outlining the story arcs, inciting incidents, and more. Now, I'm finally getting to the juicy part - typing words on a page, and it feels amazing! I've missed this while waiting for my beta readers to finish hanging out with The Cruising Crew.

So, what do y'all want to know about my writing process? This is the first time I'm really opening up about my work in progress, and I'm stoked to share it with you all!


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